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Ludo is a popular board game that is considered to be a modified version of an ancient Indian game called Pacheesi. It is a strategy-based indoor game played by individuals of all age groups. Unlike other online ludo games, LudoSkill is different in its own way. And probably that’s the reason why LudoSkill is called the king of all ludo games. LudoSkill also let you earn money by playing. Not yet downloaded the game? Click here to download the best ludo game online and win prizes as well as earn real money. Read carefully the following instructions to play LudoSkill.

Playing instructions for LudoSkill - The Best of all Ludo games


1. This game can be played among 2, 3 and 4 players.

2. Game Toss: This is to decide the playing order of the players in the game. Each player is allowed to roll the dice once. The player who rolls the highest number will play first. Accordingly, the players who rolled the subsequent numbers from the highest to lowest will play in that respective order. If two players roll the same number, then the player who rolled it first will be allowed to play first. For example, if player A rolled a 5 first and player C rolled the same number 5, then Player A will play the game first and Player C will be the second.

3. Random Booster: After the toss round, the system will roll the dice once randomly. The number rolled, which is called as Random Booster, is applicable for all the players and is saved for future use during the game. This number can be used as a booster to move any of the tokens at any given point during the game. However, this can be used only once throughout the game. For instance, if the system rolled a 4, then each player can use this number (4 in this case) as a booster once during his/her entire game. Dice will be rolled again if the system rolls 6.

4. Choice Booster: Each player is allowed to choose one number before the start of the actual game. This one number can be used as booster only once, to move any of their tokens at any point as per player's choice during the game.

5. When the actual game starts, the seating arrangement of the players will be according to the order decided in the toss round.

6. Initially, all four tokens of each player are placed in the yard. The player has to roll a 6 to move a token into their respective starting square. If a player fails to get 6, the turn passes onto the next player and so on. Now, once the player gets 6, he/she lands on a square to play.

7. if a player's more than one token landed on a square he/she decides which token be moved as per their desire and skills. Players will advance their tokens to the number of squares along the track the same as represented by the dice. Players can use the boosters at any time while playing a game as per their skills.

8. The game aims to help all tokens reach the finishing square by moving along the track through home column. The moving track of each player is shown below. The token can be moved into the finishing square only by rolling the exact number.

9. No passes are allowed in the game. A player must always move a token as represented by the dice. If a player does not move his/her token in the time provided, then one of his/her life will be deducted. Each player will be given 3 lives in a game. If no move is possible, the turn passes onto the next player and no life is deducted in such a scenario.

10. If a player rolls a 6, he/she will earn one more turn to roll the dice in that turn. If the player rolls a 6 again in the provided additional turn, he/she will earn an additional turn. However, if this roll also results in a 6, all the previous 6s will become invalid and the turn is passed onto the next player.

11. While advancing the tokens, if a player moves his/her token to a square where the opponent’s token is already occupied, then the player’s token is replaced by opponent’s token and the latter’s token is returned to the respective owner’s yard. Such a move is often addressed as ‘killing’. Note that killing the opponent’s token is not possible in safe squares. Safe squares are the squares where one or more tokens of all players can be occupied safely. Safe squares are marked with xx.

12. The player who moves all his/her tokens to reach the finishing point first will be the winner.


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Now that you understood the rules of LudoSkill – the best Online Ludo game app, don’t you want to earn real money with this ludo game? Here, we provide a detailed explanation of the skills that may fetch you earn cash by playing this online ludo game known as LudoSkill. Although ludo may look like a simple board game, it is not that easy as you may be thinking. Apart from sharp concentration and good analytical ability, the game requires the following skills:

A. Tactics: You need to strategies your game plan as and when required. Think and plan the best possible move. Spend your moves on all tokens as concentrating on only one token may not help in planning the best game.

B. Observation skills: You must need good observation skills to play this game. Focus on all your tokens along with the opponents’ tokens. Understand the opponents gameplay and accordingly plan your moves.

C. Analytical thinking: Analyze the game and be confident to advance to the finishing point at a faster pace by safeguarding your tokens along with blocking opponents moves.

D. Decision Making: Good decision-making skills are required at each step because one wrong decision may impact your whole game plan, thereby making you lose the game.

E. Mathematical analyzing: Think before you act. Calculate each move diligently before you move a token. Sometimes it is better to safeguard a token than end up getting killed by opponent’s token while rushing to reach the finishing point.

F. Counting.

G. Probalibity: The more you play the game, the better are the chances of you winning the game. So play more and earn more on LudoSkill.

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Copyright ©2020 Dragonfleet Games Private Limited...All rights reserved.